Faith… and not just a religion

A name. A never, ending cycle of a well spent Sunday at church. A lengthy prayer before every. single. meal. And faith, of course- is YOU.

Is it just me or is there such a lack of this ambiguous term “faith” floating all around us? Ah yes- 2017, we are all just little mice scurrying around at millions of meters per second gamboling about without set intentions. Or a defined purpose.

This running and scampering and fidgeting and zooming- why are we programmed to go. Go without hesitation. Certainly, we could blame all of this mumbo- jumbo on our preconceived genetics or biology, but that would be waaayy to simple.

Competition- it’s not just a means for sports anymore. This challenging lifestyle asks you to maintain those 960 followers on Instagram, just uping (is that a word??) your BFF followers. What about your fad 21 day diet? Are you partaking in this tolling, marathon race on your body or for the sole sheen of laughter on your face.

Questions man, hard questions.

My goal for this week is to define + rediscover the meaning of faith in my life. I know with myself I have been crazily wrecking my self by comparison, competing, and insert any other synonymous c word. But, what does faith say about this? Faith begged me to listen to my body. Faith is helping me understand my intuition. Faith is believing in MYSELF + Mr. Higher-Up. So that may mean to fight the insane urge to photoshop pictures of myself for an hour or any means of covering the prized gift which is YOU + I. That may mean rekindling your faith with God or Buddha or whomever that may be to you.

Faith tells us that we are more than a leg or thigh or shoulder or tummy. Faith tells us to banish that, all of that.

While this week I may discontinue hours upon hours of scrolling on the infamous “Gram”, I do this with intention. Because although social media and comparison from scrolling may have temporarily killed our happiness, it won’t forever.

Hey let’s just try to tune in with our body; with faith comes happiness. We all deserve a happiness greater than a few cliche Insta comments on our recent selfie. This happiness comes from within.

I know because-well, faith told me.


8 Things I’d Rather Have Than The “Perfect” Body

just stumbled upon this post, a post that was indefinitely needed during this time. let’s all take a moment to reflect (-:


First of all, I would like to say I am writing this because I need to hear it. If you have ever read my article I posted last spring, than you would know that I have in my past struggled with the desire to be fit, allowing my body to undergo unhealthy treatment in order to look “hot”.

But lately, I have found myself with those similar cravings again. For me it is a control thing. When I get in a “no boy will ever like me, I stink as a girl” mindset,  and “I feel like everyone hates me” belief, I find myself fixated on the only number I can control–the amount of calories I am burning.This is why I’ve gotten to the point where I use my towel as a shield from the calorie count because if not I simply stare at the number waiting for…

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To an old friend…

A letter to an old friend of mine, who I no longer keep in contact with…

Dear diet culture,

You. You were as appetizing as the piece of chocolate cake, the cake I did not eat because you force fed me the 90 calorie wrap filled with nothingness instead. You told me cake is not for me. Cake is against everything that YOU have come to believe in.

You told me to relax. Just chill out. Your willpower to eat in a few hours was much, much better than accepting + nourishing my grumbling tummy. You could have won a prized gold medal for not giving into your physiological, biological cues. Congrats!

You soonly demolished my dwindling hunger cues with that wrecking ball of yours. Your strength empowered my weakening mind. Ha, not anymore…

You scrambled my metabolism like the glorious egg yolks you told me not to devour. Remember? Eggs have too much fat.

You. You encouraged me to lie in bed, stricken with a sense of guilt + shame. You even actually chuckled at the mere thought of me going out to a restaurant, with loved ones. So, I listened. No party, no shame. No restaurant, no unecessary calories.

HA. The best yet- you, you took years off my flourishing, teenage life. You begged me; you yelled at me. Don’t do it. Don’t go. Stay home. You’ll be in control. You tortured me more. Just a little more. Okay, maybe just a tad bit more…

until you tied my hands + unleashed me under your control. Those hands we’re no longer home to your happiness and love and smiling photographs and cookbooks and sleepovers.


Something finally clicked and that’s as simple, yet most complicated answer as I have for you. Maybe I finally realized why everyone shot those fearful eyes in my direction. Maybe I finally understood why my family wanted to treat me to a hip, trendy, new restaurant. Maybe I began to understand that metabolically, waking up without hunger meant significant hormonal damage. Maybe I began to understand that 1200< calories a day was harming my tired body.

No one should have to skip out on 95% of their live (to attempt) to drop 5% of weight.  No one should have to suppress their hunger cues because society pleads that a “small appetite” is desireable. (BTW, did you ever notice how teenage boys during puberty are applauded by their hunger?? He’s a growing boy. BUT GIRLS APPETITES ARE SUPPOSED TO FEED A TINY NAKED MOLERAT??!)  

I encourage you to screw the diet culture, to disregard all of those people who question your plate of pasta. Your health is what truly matters. Your hormones. Your metabolism. Your pleasurable personality. Your enduring love for life.

Thats what makes you- YOU. Not a blueberry breakfast scone. Not a chipotle burrito. Not a salad assorted with the finest shreds of kale and spinach.

so please. let’s stop defining ourselves by “how much” or “how little” we eat; let’s start defining ourselves by how much we love ourselves.

~you were meant to consume food, food wasn’t meant to consume you~


A girl mending her relationship w life again

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IMG_3860Throw the world around and I’m sure we all have a similar point of view. Health is eating healthy. Health is exercising for x,y,z amount of hours. Health is taking those 10,000 steps a day. Health is maintaining a certain amount of calories. Every. Single. Day.

Gosh… our idea of health is so darn misconstrued. What if health isn’t any of those, but listening to your body + intuition.  The dictionary (the atypical google one) defines health as “the state of being free from illness or injury”. Ahh or *”the complete physical, mental, and social well-being” . an obsession of how we are supposed to look actually healthy?? By relying on a standard, robotic formula for our everyday eats, our every moment- well, that isn’t healthy.

You see, this isn’t health. This is an unhealthy obsession. Health isn’t just how many miles you ran or how many green juices you gulped down. Health is being at peace, at peace with your body.  Health is allowing yourself to be content with where you are at. Health is enjoying a conversation with friends and family. Health is yogaing, meditating, walking, sleeping, jogging. Health is not actually the definition that you + have come to know.

By accepting. Listening. Conversing with your body. Ask yourself, “am I lacking in physically, socially, mentally?”. What feels good to me? Usually the people who listen to their bodies + respect their body and mind are the “healthy” ones. That might mean engaging in exercise or partaking in crossfit. Because once we start listening to what our body wants (not Jennifer, or Stacy, Donna) our body tells us. Neato, right?

No standards and no special diet and no undiscovered voodoo magic. Our body ends up right where it’s supposed to be… that right there is the real magic. That is when we find true, uncut “health”. In the mean time, ditch that cookie cutter definition you once knew.

*found from the one and only Wikipedia

what do you do that makes you feel your best?

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savor this.

IMG_3587.JPGOften times I notice that stupid, little, irrelevant things consume our thoughts. Whether it’s our stress about tomorrow or last year. We often forget about the moments that truly makes us-us. 

Wow. It’s all I can say. While walking and walking and more walking, I realized this: when we keep our heads down we forget about everything around us.

Hiking requires a lot of making sure you don’t twist your ankle or terribly fall on a pit of rocks. This means your head is down. Head down equals focus on the ground. BUT YOU MISS OUT ON EVERYTHING. Sure, you’re ankles are intact, but what about the trees. What about the sky.

This is pretty true about life itself.

This morning I went on a hike. After such a hectic week it’s nice to relax and enjoy (keyword enjoy) moments. I focused on breathing. Sounds. Scents.

The result? Everything was extraordinarily vivid.

I encourage you all to stop, wherever you may be + BREATH. Absorb all that goodness around you. Bring awareness to your senses; your senses come to life. You know what happens next? You. YOU. You feel alive just like those little buggers of senses.

Stop and actually enjoy your day. Sunday’s are all about self-care, as everyday should be… Take that hike you always wanted to do. Clean your room. Watch Netflix the entire day. As long as you are fulfilled. That’s all that matters.

Look up. Stop dwelling on the ground. There’s sooo soo sooo (did I say so?) much to look forward to. This Sunday, take extra notice in your surroundings. Trust me on this.

No matter what happens today. Or tomorrow. Or next year. Keep those breaths mindful and your heart delightful…. savor this.



welcome to my journey

dear fellow foodies and friends, you all are probably wondering why I made a blog… as I do myself. I’m hear to tell you why.

I have been fed up- literally and figuratively. At a young age, I have always tried to be a super hero. The one with wings… preferably pink. The one who tries to cure others ailments and issues. However recently, I’ve been needing a super hero of my own.  Well, I’m trying to be that super hero again. This time in myself; well, you too of course!!

However, social media has been sort of on my mind lately. The more I engage with social media, the more I question why. Why do I follow so many darn food accounts? Is there a subconscious reason as to why I care about what others nosh on for their brunch, breakfast, or midnight snack? The reason, as I just realized, relies within healing.

Food has always been that pal, a pal engrossed with an assortment of varieties, flavors, and colors. As you may know (or may not…) sometimes we lack that balanced relationship. I’m on that journey to find that steady + healthy balance. A balance between a chef salad,  vanilla + chocolate swirl ice cream, or Artic Zero.

So welcome. I hope to encourage you all with body positivity on the daily (or so I will try). As long as I am on this journey of balance with food, happiness, radiance- you are too. Follow along. Chime in. Sit down with some pop corn. Relax. I hope to find myself once again in this sweet, sweet life. A life filled with beauty and fellow sweet potatoes. Remember: I believe I can. I believe I yam.